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J & N Reality

Property Management

The cost of professional property and homeowner association management services is never so expensive as the problems, chaos, and damage that the ignorance of self-management may cause.

J & N Reality-Condominium Administration

Condominium Administration

As a preeminent condominium (condo) management company, we endeavor to provide our customers with outstanding service quality and reasonable management fees.

J & N Reality-HOA Management Program

HOA Management Program

We offers only full service HOA and Condo management programs and provide the Board of Directors with unlimited phone consultation on any Association matter.

J & n Reality- Homeowners Association Services

Homeowners Association Services

The association, through the Board of Directors, guides, directs, and operates the community. Without it, the community would be sailing rudderless.

J & N Reality- HOA Financial Operations

HOA Financial Operations

We Combine Academic Excellence And Extensive Business And Management Experience To Respond To Our Los Angeles Condo Clients’ Management Needs.

J & N Reality-Condominium Administration

Common Interest Developments

This process evaluates the performance efficiency and effectiveness of any homeowner association or condominium management firm.

Planned Unit Developments

Our Condominium and planned unit development managers will be there for you not only to maintaining your property but also to adding value, saving money, and improving the efficiency of the operations of the property.

J & N Reality

HOA Maintenance Operations

We make an effort not to accept townhome, HOA, or condo property association management assignments unless we have enough trained and certified managers to successfully carry out our duties.

J & n Reality- Homeowners Association Services

HOA Quality of Service

Our managers have decades of experience, coupled with proper formal training, in common interest development or planned development management.