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– Located in Los Angeles, J & N Realty, Inc. is a highly skilled and experienced, quality- and customer service- oriented property, planned unit development (PUD), homeowner association (HOA), condominium (condo) & townhouse (townhome) association & common interest development (CID)management company with a high degree of integrity, expertise, and professional pride –

We provide guidance and input to the Board of Directors and help execute its decisions.

– J & N Realty, Inc. is committed to providing outstanding service and value to our, condominium, condo, hoa, townhouse, and homeowner association property management clients in the Los Angeles and surrounding counties.

– We would like to provide you with our services that you will find to be utterly superior to those you have been presently receiving or are being offered by other Los Angeles based property and homeowner association management firms –

– Our condo and townhome association agents have been skillfully managing common interest development property associations in the Los Angeles and its surrounding counties for almost two decades and are highly experienced and qualified to perform all the management and operational functions any homeowner association or condominium may ever need. J & N Realty, Inc. has the resources and the depth of understanding to resolve all the challenge any HOA, townhouse, townhome, or condo association may ever face. We offer and deliver creative solutions, clarity of vision, customized technologies and management approach, and superior customer service.

– J & N Realty, Inc. does not take on more clients than it is able to successfully handle. We believe that it is better to provide excellence through personalized, responsive service to a few condominium and townhome clients than to provide mediocrity to many. We also believe that our success is a direct result of the high level of intensive and proactive management we provide, which have yet to be matched by most other property, HOA and condo management firms. Our goal is not to be the biggest, but to be the best.

– J & N Realty, Inc. is proud to have developed beneficial relationships with Los Angeles based lenders, escrow companies, inspectors, contractors, attorneys, accountants, and a wide range of other real estate and housing professionals, all providing a solid foundation for our services to rest upon. We ensure that every homeowner association and condominium Board member have the support to make sound managerial and operational decisions and receive the best deal possible. We’ll go the extra mile for you.

– Our mission is to earn our common interest development clients’ trust by putting their interest first. In order to achieve this mission, we do “whatever it takes” ensure that we consistently manage every HOA, Condo, or townhouse association property effectively and efficiently. Our condominium, townhome and townhouse managers stay current on all legal, financial, managerial, and operational developments affecting property and real estate management, enabling them to practice preventative community association management. By practicing proactive real estate management, we can identify early signs of many issues before they become problems.

– J & N Realty, Inc.’s HOA and Condo managers all experienced real estate professionals who practice hands-on property management. They bring a broad base of knowledge to our homeowner association and condominium clients, helping them make appropriate and timely decision. Our townhouse and townhome clients can be confident that all aspects of the issues facing them will have been thoroughly researched and evaluated before any decision is made. Our staff members take the time to listen to your needs and expectations, and they work tirelessly to facilitate your goals without compromise.

– As a professional real estate property management firm, J & N Realty, Inc. offers only full service management: we are fully responsible and accountable for maintenance, operations, and total management of the common interest development or planned development. The Board establishes policies and obligates funds, and we perform the day-to-day operation of the community with unsurpassed speed and measurable results.

– Do not gamble with the financial health and the general welfare property management servicesof your HOA, townhouse, townhome, or condo association property; place it in the hands of our experienced and competent management professionals –

– What sets us apart from most other Los Angeles based homeowner association and condominium real estate property management company agents are our outstanding industry knowledge, prompt and courteous customer service, personal and immediate attention to problems, and proactive and result oriented management style –

We will manage your townhome, townhouse, or condo association proactively: we will inspect the property frequently; will handle problems and take care of matters immediately; and will set and meet deadlines for all our actions.

Our management practices rest upon rock solid, time-tested financial and operational management principles that are result oriented, focused, and practical.

– Since we are also real estate brokers, we understand every aspect of real property and homeowner association management and are intimately familiar with both property management servicesfederal and state fair housing laws, including reasonable accommodation and modification laws and practices, and with landlord-tenant laws and ordinances. We know how things fit together in the real estate and property management industry. Our staff has access to property records, which we check monthly to see whether any unit is in foreclosure.

– Our management fees are reasonable and very affordable without sacrificing service quality. We are able to offer our HOA and Condo clients such low prices because of our low overhead, efficient and effective internal operations, and superior industry and business knowledge.

– J & N Realty, Inc. has local property managers in practically all areas of the Los Angeles County. A property manager that is located near your townhouse or townhome property will manage the Association.

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– J & N Realty, Inc.’s property and HOA managers exercise proactive and preventive financial management to ensure that issues have already been addressed before things go wrong, and the systems for addressing those problems are already in place. Knowing in advance that things will go wrong, we are prepared to handle those problems easily. Unfortunately, most management companies are reactive rather than proactive in their management philosophy. By managing proactively, we are practicing the best form of risk management. Our property managers are looking at the contingencies of what might occur, preparing for them, and taking ongoing action on those items and issues that require day-to-day oversight.

– We keep a forward view with a team approach. We assemble a team of experts for the specific knowledge and guidance that they bring. Since the financial and maintenance matters are rather comprehensive, we work with experts to ensure that the financial and maintenance picture provided to the Board of Directors and the homeowners are as complete as possible.

– There are four major categories of our managerial responsibility: Property Maintenance, Service, Administration, and Finances.

Property Maintenance

– We are responsible for inspecting common property areas as well as any components of individual properties whose maintenance is the responsibility of the Association. Our property and condominium managers are also responsible for ensuring that the Association is in compliance with all laws and ordinances associated with the property and taking or recommending actions to be taken to ensure that requirements are met.


– HOA and Condo managers are responsible for ensuring that there is regular and adequate trash and garbage collection, landscape maintenance, and pest control. Water and other utilities services are also overseen by our property managers – including negotiating with local providers for reduced costs whenever possible


– Our most basic tasks include emergency call service and complaint procedures and resolutions. In working with existing or proposed vendors, HOA and condominium association managers establish and comply with contracting procedures for bid invitations and their analysis followed by the negotiations with vendors and the monitoring and inspecting their work. Vendor payments are handles by us.

– As part of the administrative activities, J & N Realty, Inc. prepares Board packages for Board meetings, prepares the annual report and other legal documents, ensures that meeting minutes are completed and signed in a timely manner, follows up on Board orders and request, and generally provides any additional support the volunteer leadership requires.


– Homeowners association and condo managers are responsible for preparing operating budgets and other financial documents for the Board’s review, collecting assessments and user fees, and disbursing monies in accordance with the Board approved budget. Our HOA managers also ensure that the checking and other association accounts are maintained and reconciled; periodic financial statements, including income and expense comparisons, prepared for the Board. Property managers are also responsible for providing assistance to the Association’s independent auditor.

Restricting use of parking spaces to members only

– There is an ever-increasing concern as mixed-use properties grow in popularity and people who own residential units and those who are visiting entertainment and retail venues on the premises clamor over parking. Homeowners associations reasonable fear that if nonmembers have access to their parking lots or garages – particularly if members rent out their spaces – there is an increased risk that a crime will occur at the property. Gated condominiums that allow parking space renters inside the gates share this concern. To prevent unwanted visitors’ access to the property, many HOAs restrict the use of parking space to members only and have passed bylaws setting such a restriction.

Policy for creating, funding, and managing community reserve account

– A well-funded reserve account is a clear indication of how prepared a homeowner association is to deal with its long-range maintenance needs. Without a well-funded reserve account, most HOAs’ only option to pay for repair needs that arise is to impose a special assessment on their members.

– Unless your state law or governing documents specify how your condominium’s reserve is to be funded and managed, it is up to the board to create a policy to bind future boards. Doing so protects the property’s future.