As HOA Management professionals, we all have learned primarily through our mistakes and pursuits of false assumptions rather than by our exposure to fountains of wisdom and knowledge.

For Existing Customers

HOA management company J & N Realty, Inc. is proud to have developed beneficial relationships with Los Angeles based lenders, escrow companies, inspectors, contractors, attorneys, accountants, and a wide range of other real estate and housing professionals, all providing a solid foundation for our services to rest upon. We ensure that every HOA Management and condominium project Board Member have the support to make sound managerial and operational decisions and receive the best deal possible. We’ll go the extra mile for you.

Our mission is to earn our clients’ trust by putting their interest first. To achieve this mission, we do “whatever it takes” to ensure that we consistently manage every HOA, Condo, or townhouse association property effectively and efficiently. Our condominium, townhome and townhouse managers stay current on all legal, financial, managerial, and operational developments affecting property and HOA management, enabling them to practice proactive and preventive community association management. By practicing proactive and preventive management, we can identify early signs of many issues before they become problems.

J & N Realty, Inc.‘s managers all experienced real estate professionals who practice hands-on property management. They bring a broad base of knowledge to our homeowners association and condominium clients, helping them make wise, appropriate, and timely decision. Our clients can be confident that all aspects of the issues facing them will have been thoroughly researched and evaluated before any decision is made. Our staff members take the time to listen to your needs and expectations, and they work tirelessly to facilitate your goals without compromise.

As a professional real estate HOA management firm, J & N Realty, Inc. offers both full-service and financials-only management: We are fully responsible and accountable for maintenance, operations, and total management of the common interest development or planned development. The Board establishes policies and designates funds, and we perform the day-to-day operation of the community with unsurpassed speed and measurable results.

Do not gamble with the financial health and the general welfare property management services of your HOA, townhouse, townhome, or condo association property; place it in the hands of our experienced and competent management professionals.

What sets us apart from most other Los Angeles based homeowners association and condominium real estate property management company agents are our outstanding industry knowledge, prompt and courteous customer service, personal and immediate attention to problems, and proactive and result oriented management style.

We inspect our properties frequently; handle problems and take care of matters immediately; and set and meet deadlines for all our actions.

It is the fate of the property manager to toil at the lower employments of life. To be rather driven by the fear of evil than attracted by the prospect of good. To be exposed to censure without hope of praise. To be disgraced by miscarriage or punished by neglect, where success would have been without applause and diligence without reward. While others may aspire to praise, the property manager can only hope to escape reproach. And even this negative recompense has yet been granted to few.

“It is an immutable law in business that words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises – but only performance is reality.” ~ Harold S. Geneen

“I base my calculation on the expectation that luck will be against me.” ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

“You can have results or excuses.  Not both.” ~ Jen Segger



Property Management

The cost of professional property and homeowner association management services is never as expensive as the problems, chaos, and damage the ignorance of self-management can cause.


Condominium Association

As a prominent condominium and HOA management company, we always provide our customers with outstanding service quality and reasonable management fees.

J & N Reality-HOA Management Program

HOA Management Program

We offer both financials-only and full-service HOA management and condominium programs and provide the board of directors with unlimited phone consultation on any association matter.


Homeowners’ Association Services

The association; through the board of directors; guides, directs, and operates the community. Without it, the community would be sailing rudderless.


Community Association Finances

We combine academic excellence and extensive business and management experience to respond to our HOA and condominium clients’ management needs.


Common Interest Developments

We regularly evaluate the performance efficiency and effectiveness of the homeowner associations or condominiums we manage.


Townhome Services

Our managers have decades of experience, coupled with proper formal training, in common interest and planned development operations and management.

building code

Planned Unit Developments

Our condominium and planned unit development managers will be there for you when you need them. Not just when it comes to maintaining your property but also when it comes to adding value, saving money, and improving the managerial and operational efficiency the property.


Townhouse Maintenance

We do not take on the management of townhome, HOA, or condo properties unless we have an adequate number of trained and certified managers to successfully carry out our required duties.

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We utilize state of the art technologies in our offices, such as sophisticated….


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All our managers are certified either by CACAM or by CAI, or by both. Many of ….


We stand behind our managerial and operational decisions and practices long….


Although we offer one of the best services in the HOA-Management industry, our….

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