Wind and Storm Damage

What to expect as a result of a storm damage and what might be covered or excluded.

First, it is important to understand that flood is excluded in all standard policies.  Flood is “rising surface waters/heavy inundation of rain/water which backups through sewers or drains/etc.”  Coverage for this can be obtained but only through the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program).  Some policies may or may not allow sewer backup coverage to be bought back.

Also, climatic conditions and water which enters a building through a leaky roof or poor window jams, etc., is not covered in and of by itself.

However, where confusion abounds is when the building, roof, windows are damaged by an insured peril prior to the rain damage, then there would be coverage. For instance, if there is rain and a condominium unit building simply leaks, technically there is no coverage.

If, however, a strong wind (wind damage is an insured peril) damages the roof and then rain enters the building, the wind damage to the roof and the resulting interior rain damage are covered.

Another example is a unit owner who suffers interior rain damage as a result of simply leaving the window open is not a covered claim.

If, however, the wind blew the closed window open and rain entered, then that is a covered claim. Also, if the wind blows a tree down and in falling, that tree damages a building, there is coverage.